Welcome to Einherjar Esport

Building gamers by focusing on fun and teamwork

Einherjar eSports is the first professional eSports team in Stavanger for both the professional and casual gamer.
We believe in the youth and want to bring about a cultural revolution that cements eSports place in society by training gamers to become harder, better, faster and stronger.

The team consists of physical trainers, eSport Coaches and educators straight from the University of Stavanger that’s ready to provide the players with the guidance and coaching needed for a gamer to become a successful eSport competitor.

Our Esport-program consists of a strategy- and a theorysegment. In addition to «Good game» (GG) and the games itself.

No previous gaming experience required.

The physical part of our program is focusing on GG, and will not be competitive. We will focus on the fun and collaboration as well as teambuilding.

The name comes from the strong viking heritage in Stavanger, naming our players and team after Odins personal army that’s ready to fight at Ragnarok, The Einherjar.